Our key competencies

As owner and corporate real estate manager of our own industrial and business properties throughout Switzerland, we offer a depth of experience and proven expertise in every part of the real estate life cycle.

Financial and portfolio management

  • RUAG internal site and spatial strategies to enhance and preserve the long-term value of our properties
  • Future-oriented management of the property portfolio
  • Transactions and legal solutions for developed and undeveloped parcels

Construction management

  • Project management for all new construction and conversion projects
  • Construction specialist for RUAG tenants
  • Long-term value preservation through planning and execution of renovation projects

Facility services

  • Personal service centre for office, production and warehouse spaces
  • Comprehensive building management for infrastructure and equipment
  • Flexible logistics solutions and tailored production support on site

Project development

  • Master planning for sustainable use and development of industrial complexes
  • Redevelopment of industrial spaces into thematically focused industrial and business parks
  • Creating attractive real estate solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises


  • Customer and strategy oriented management of rental properties
  • Expert consulting for users and owner
  • Efficient cost and contract management


  • Marketing of rental spaces or entire developments
  • Sale of high-potential structures and projects to interested parties

Security and integrated management

  • Environmental management
  • Quality and risk management
  • Physical security management