Our strategy

A place for synergies

We develop industrial sites into thematically focused production and service networks, and create ideal conditions for synergies and innovation.

Industry focus with potential

Companies locating at RUAG industrial and business parks benefit from industry-specific know-how transfer, experience sharing and optimum infrastructure.

Flexibility to meet needs

By setting aside reserve space we enable enhanced operational flexibility for constantly changing production needs and processes.

Holistic development

RUAG industrial and business parks are built and developed on the basis of a master plan – as a whole and in stages.

Long-term planning

RUAG industrial and business parks feature long-term transport and logistical planning and offer welcoming recreational areas.

An attractive work environment

We implement specific measures to promote cross-unit collaboration, innovative work options (such as coworking and labs) and fitness, dining and shopping opportunities on site, thereby boosting the appeal of jobs at the location.